Ombe Mind Surfer Review – Control your Mind and Surf better

Does your mind stand in the way of your surfing progress? Well – the Ombe Mind Surfer is here to fix that.

Do you get frustrated when you’re not catching enough waves? Do you get angry at yourself, when things don’t work out in the water? Do you feel anxious, when the surf gets bigger? If you said yes to any of these – you probably know how it feels to have a full session go to absolute waste because of it.
But what if I told you that you can learn to control your mind? Yes, You can learn to avoid these. Heck, you can even learn to set yourself up for success, using a cheeky little thing called “frames of mind”.


1. What is the Ombe Mind Surfer?
2. What is the Ombe Mind Surfer trying to teach you?
2.1. Dealing with Frustration
2.2. Developing Deep Confidence
3. How does the Ombe Mind Surfer teach you all that?
4. Why is that so powerful?
5. Conclusion – Is the Ombe Mind Surfer fit to progress your Surfing?

What is the Ombe Mind Surfer?

I have already reviewed the Cardboard Surfer module of the Ombe Accelerated Surfer Program. You can find that review over here.
Ombe is a holistic concept of surf coaching. It’s also an acronym that stands for πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Ocean, Body, Mind and Equipment. The Mind Surfer is all about the mind, but you probably guessed that already, duh. It’s a module within the full program.
The leading head of the Ombe Team is prominent surfing coach Clayton Nienaber. Clayton has spent more than 30 years accumulating a wealth of surfing knowledge. He’s been a WQS competitor, high performance surfing coach and shaper. As a shaper he holds the patent for the SPINE-TEK technology together with Channel Island Surfboards. As a coach he worked with pro surfer Jordy Smith among others.
Joining Clayton as the centerpiece of the Ombe Mind Surfer is psychologist Kym Bancroft. She’s the science and research behind that module.

What is the Ombe Mind Surfer trying to teach you?

The module is divided into separate subsections – I don’t want to give everything away so let me focus on a few themes, that I think are very impactful.

Dealing with Frustration

In the opening I mentioned frustration πŸ‘‰πŸ½ getting frustrated because you fumbled the pop-up for the 10th time. You’re getting stuck behind on the same section over and over. You fell again on the cutback. You missed another wave paddling. There’s even more frustration about things you have no control of πŸ‘‰πŸ½ the surf is 2ft and unorganized again. Nevertheless, the lineup is packed with 14 year olds ripping all around you.

There are so many sources of frustration in surfing. I can’t even count them all. But they have one thing in common – once you’re frustrated, things tend to get even worse. Everything’s falling apart. You could’ve sworn that wave was perfectly shaped – before it touched you and immediately went flat. Now, that’s not the reality, however. It’s your brain evaluating the world around you within the frame of mind you have set – and that frame happens to be a negative one.
You will learn all about frames of mind within the Ombe Mind Surfer. How they are shaped, how you can notice that, and how you can set a positive frame instead.
Responsible for the concept “frames of mind” is a part in your brainstem called the Reticular Activating System and I’ve written here about its general effects on the way you perceive the world around you πŸ‘‰πŸ½ and how it’s affecting your performance in sports.

Developing Deep Confidence

The next thing I want to mention is Deep Confidence. Wouldn’t it be great if you could avoid all the pitfalls that spark from a lack of confidence? Well – part of that comes from hours of simulation practice (probably the most important building block of the Ombe Program). The other part is rooted in your brain and behavior.

There are cognitive tools you can use to boost and ingrain that confidence. Unfortunately Β there are also ways in which you might be sabotaging yourself – without actively knowing you’re doing that.
One example is setting very high (and unrealistic) goals for the near term future. When you aren’t reaching these goals, you feel as if you’re not progressing at all. You’re carving the picture of yourself being a bad surfer deeper and deeper into your self-belief.
Instead you should be setting smaller goals. Taking smaller steps, inching closer towards your end-goal of being a better surfer and gaining confidence from these progressions. You can’t trick your brain into self-confidence – but you can teach it to feel more self-confident and the Ombe Mind Surfer will tell you all about it.

How does the Ombe Mind Surfer teach you all that?

The Mind Surfer teaches you in the proven strategy of conversation. This is not a teacher standing in front of a class, bombarding your brain with tons of information, that you can’t keep up with. It’s Clayton and Kym sitting across each other talking about these concepts. Going back and forth.
Clayton brings up thoughts from his coaching experience – How he has noticed similar patterns in the surfers he’s coached before – Asking if there’s more to it and if it can be explained by science and psychology.
Kym then gives an easy explanation. An explanation fit to be understood by everyone. In that manner a delightful conversation is building on the various ways psychology influences our performance and behavior while surfing.
It’s basically like listening to an educating podcast and educating it is – I promise.

Why is that so powerful?

There are just so many aspects in sports performance, where we let our subconsciousness take the driver seat. Unfortunately our subconsciousness doesn’t always work in our best interest. It gets clouded by our innate perception of fear and danger.
However – most of of these perceived dangers are remains of our ancestral cave-men thinking. For instance – you fell on a few waves in front of other surfers- you feel ashamed. Eventually, you get frustrated and it hinders your ability to perform freely for the remainder of the session.

You feel that way – because displaying weakness for our pre-historic ancestors was a sure fire way to get attacked by opponents. These basic survival instincts, that shape the way your brain acts, if let lose by itself, are in no way applicable when you’re out there surfing.

Getting to know the concepts within the Ombe Mind Surfer will raise them into your active awareness. And now that you are aware of them, you have taken the first step to actively modulate them. You simply can’t control the things that happen subconsciously well enough. So you have to get them into your conscious mind first. Once they are right there in your conscious thoughts, you can use the techniques taught to get to your desired results.

Conclusion – Is the Ombe Mind Surfer fit to progress your Surfing?

I’m a medical student, going to be a psychiatrist in the future, part-time mental coach on the side and really into psychology and its influences on performance – that said, even I didn’t have all of the concepts, in my active memory and handy to apply.
There is a power in understanding your mind and being able to control it, that no surf, skating or body excersise could ever teach you – and it will translate to every other aspect in your life as well.
Understanding your mind isn’t limited to surfing performance.Β So πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Yes, the Ombe Mind Surfer is an absolute gem of wisdom to progress your surfing. You should really take a look at it.

“There is a power in understanding your mind and being able to control it, that no surf, skating or body excersise could ever teach you.”

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I was given free access to the program by Clayton so I could write that review for you. By the new European Guidelines for Online Marketing I have to therefore label this as advertisement.

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