Why naming is tough and „NoSuperman“ made the cut


Finding names

Finding a name is never an easy task, especially not when you’re setting up something new. I even struggle with it, when just playing games. The simplest tasks such as naming a character or a team always keep me on my toes. That usually results in sticking with the default names.
Interestingly when I decided to build a new blog, it was a pretty short process. As you can imagine I’m pretty happy about that.


I started a blog way back when

Like 5 to 6 years ago I started -and ended- the shortest possible lifecycle of a blog. Back then I did so on www.blogger.com and was still writing in my mother tongue, which happens to be German. I was more or less a freshmen medical student and just wanted to share the struggle of being thrown into this world. I had the little hope people and fellow students might be able to relate to it.


The early blog didn’t survive

It resonated with some people, others didn’t like my writing style at all, but I guess that’s just to be expected. Looking back I don’t like that writing style myself. If you’re able to read and understand written German, you can go ahead and give it a look. It is still up here. The theme on this early blog was already „No I’m no Superman“ hinting towards the TV show “scrubs”. I would conclude at the end of every post, no matter what I accomplished or where I might have gone wrong —> “that I’m no Superman”.
As indicated earlier the blog died a few posts into it, because I couldn’t bring up the motivation to keep writing it.


And now…

Fasting forward a few years to this day, I still like this theme and I am certainly still no Superman, or even close to it. I think a lot of people can relate to that as well. Let’s face it, no matter how awesome things are running for you, there’s always that one thing or one aspect of our life that’s just not playing out. And what easier way to keep oneself from either total dismay about it, or losing solid ground in times when everything seems to click, than just to smile away and tell yourself “well, I’m no Superman”.


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