Now Optimized For Your Mobile Experience

Identified a Problem and worked out a Solution

Looking at the graph „Device Breakdown“ shown below I was able to see that 84% of the users read the article on AJ on their mobile phones. I took my iPhone, went to the page having a look at the user experience reading it on a mobile device and found out – It sucks. It’s absolutely horrible.
Miles of scrolling from left to right, zooming in and zooming out, all those horrible workarounds I hate when visiting websites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices.

So there I was, facing a problem I didn’t know the fix for, as I‘m still pretty new the web developing – if you even wanna call it that. I‘d rather say – putting the simplest html code in and hoping it turns out fine. But a few hours of work and wrapping my head around html code even more brought me to a solution that I think is sufficient for now. is now fully optimized for your mobile experience

You are now 100% able to read everything on the website without finding yourself in the need for zooming or going from left to right. Everything’s right where you want it and at your fingertips.

To conclude this – Let me say im Sorry for your horrible experience reading the last article but also kindly remind you that the motto here still is „I’m no Superman“.

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