AJ Wentland – Back for year 3

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AJ Wentland back in Germany for year 3

Some players play for a team and some others play in a team. To clarify what I’m saying – you play for a team because it’s where you got the best deal, or where you see the most chances of getting a championship. But you play in a team because you’re loving it. You love the city, you love the fans and you love your teammates – you aren’t just part of the team, the team is a part of you.

That’s AJ. In fact he’s so invested in the Dresden Monarchs that he decided to stay in Germany during the Off-Season.

Why stay in Germany

Well, very much in the spirit of “Making the most out of given opportunities” (From Last years Article about AJ Wentland) AJ decided to get as much out of this experience as possible.

“First of all it’s an opportunity to continue playing the game I love. It’s an opportunity to continue living in Germany and to continue traveling and seeing the world.”

He says himself that first and foremost it is about playing Football. But don’t be fooled by this humble answer – I think by now it’s clear – leading the GFL in Tackles for the second consecutive season – Mr. Wentland has more than enough possibilities to keep on playing the game wherever he decides to take his talents.
On the other side – the staying in Germany part – not so much. It’s not too common for US Athletes to stay yearround in Germany. Surely that’s partly because some players wouldn’t even like that but also because I don’t think too many teams would offer that opportunity in the first place. This is a double sided relationship and the Dresden Monarchs is doing its best to keep AJ Wentland close.
You might say that this is pure professional interest, but I’d like to disagree. The Dresden Monarchs aren’t perfect and not every player leaving after one season is 100% happy, but there is more than one example of Jörg Dreßler as the GM making Arrangements to help a playerS with their personal lifes. Just one other example – Florian Zur Nieden young LB prodigy out of Halle, Germany, got an internship with the team so he could get an apartment in Dresden and stay close with the team before he started going to University in Dresden.

“Jörg and the Monarchs Organization have really invested in me as a person off of the field to make this a yearround experience for me.”

Working in Germany

What is your overall experience of being employed and working in Germany?

“Overall, I really enjoy the work so far. I like how laid back everyone is in the work setting. It almost makes you want to work harder knowing that you get breaks throughout the day. And the people I work with are really great people.”

And what is it exactly your doing at work in a typical day?

“I work for a company called Sicher24 – Felgner Sicherheitstechnik. We sell security equipment and are a locksmith service.
So usually in the morning I print shipping labels and stocking the shelves and then packing in the afternoon for the shipping orders.”

AJ Wentland has been living the everyday life of a german employee like everyone else out here. Maybe not entirely – I don’t see everyone going to the gym 5 days a week after work, but that is what you see following AJ on his Private Instagram Account.

Going Home for Christmas

Christmas is a time to be spent with family and friends and AJ isn’t different in that regard. He went home to reunite with his family over the holidays, meet friends and spent time at home.

How has being back in the states been?

Being back in the states has been great. It was awesome to spend time with friends and family back home and to just refresh. It was a good break from work and just focusing on training but I’m ready to get back to Dresden.”

AJ Wentland and Family
AJ und Familie in den USA (Instagram)

AJ is coming back to Germany today, Sunday the 19th of January. He’s ready to get back to work and ready to be back on the field soon. There are only a few more weeks until the Dresden Monarchs hold their annual combine before they kick the pre-season off with camp.

2020 will be the third year of playing GFL Football for Wentland and a lot of people are excited to see him back. Pretty sure just as many Quarterbacks and Runningbacks aren’t as excited about it.

I like to wish AJ Wentland a successful and healthy season yet again.

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