Wie man in der GFL Starter wird

Chris Genau 80 Dresden Monarchs

Here you will find the english version of that article. Die GFL ist eine sehr kompetitive Liga, gefüllt mit US Imports und noch mehr europäischen Import-Spielern. Wie man trotz allem als deutscher Spieler zum GFL Starter wird und wie ich das geschafft habe, will ich euch heute zeigen. Wenn man sich an einen groben Plan … Read more

Dealing with Depression (Part 1)

I want to touch the sensitive topic of depression and give an insight into my own experiences with it. With this first part I want to tell my own story and show how a supposedly strong and resilient person is slowly falling into the sickness of depression. You are currently reading the english version, find … Read more

How a Vegan Diet probably saved my Life

Well this title seems quite exaggerated me being only 26 years old – but yet it holds true. Just one year back and I would have never considered a vegan diet. High blood pressure runs in my family, just as diabetes does and this was always excuse enough for me to tell myself that a … Read more

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